Dental Implant

Screws made of titanium are inserted into the jawbone. These screws are placed on the jawbone so that it is accepted as a part of itself.

F. A. Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions From You.

On average for dental implants 1 week is sufficient. However, the treatment can be completed in 1 day thanks to the self-dissolving suture. After the implant treatment, it is expected that the implant and the bone will fuse together between 3-6 months. Then, prostheses to be placed on the implant are made.

Anyone who has no health problems can have dental implants. Dental implants are made for anyone whose bone structure is measured by X-ray.

After the implant treatment, daily care and physician controls should be done as in normal dental care. You can use your dental implant for a lifetime if 6-month doctor checks are also provided after daily care of the teeth and a healthy diet.

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