Smile Design

Smile design consists of combined treatment methods. Smile design; includes tooth lengthening, teeth whitening treatments, gum treatments, aesthetic fillings and veneers. Laminated veneers are among the most important forms of treatment in smile design.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions From You.

Problems are determined by taking measurements from the patient's mouth. A design compatible with the patient's face shape is adjusted in the computer environment with the intraoral and facial photographs of the patient.

Once the smile design is done, there is no need to have it done again. However, after taking care of oral and dental health by not disrupting the controls, the permanence of the smile design increases.

Before the smile design is made, the face size of the patient should be taken into consideration by the dentists. A suitable smile is designed for the patient by measuring parameters such as eye, lip structure and nose tip.

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